Multi-Literacy-Friendly Home Checklist

A Multi-Literacy-Friendly Home

What is a multi-literacy-friendly home? And what does multi-literacy mean?

The term of multiliteracy was coined in the mid 90ies and designs an approach to literacy theory and pedagogy which highlights linguistic diversity and multimodal forms of linguistic expression and representation ad its two key aspects. It was mainly coined because of the diverse modes of communication – internet, multimedia, digital media etc., and the growing linguistic and cultural diversity due to increased transnational migration*.

I use this term here to define the multilingual literacy in multilingual families that focuses on the linguistic landscape in multilingual families' homes, and includes also the different means of communication. The multi-literacy-friendly home is a home where every language is represented through writing in any kind of way.

When we surround our children with the different writing systems of our home languages and make reading, exploring the written language, a habit from early on, our children will be more likely to find learning to read and write easier.


Human brains are naturally wired to speak,

but they are not naturally wired to read and write.


Every child is different and the way we, parents or adults in their life, integrate reading with our children into our daily and weekly life, will support our children's multi-literacy. 


With my Multi-Literacy-Friendly Home Checklist for Parents of 0 to 6 year old children you can find out how multi-literacy-friendly your home is. Ideally, all languages – including material for sign languages and dialects – are visible in your home, tangible and/or readable, decodable.   

You can fill in the form here below to access the download. 


*Cope, Bill; Kalantzis, Mary (2009). ""Multiliteracies": New Literacies, New Learning". Pedagogies4 (3): 164–195. doi:10.1080/15544800903076044S2CID 154335505

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